VET-logo-smlTraining and Peer Mentoring Resources for Veteran Employment in the New Economy.

The Veteran Empowerment Training (V.E.T.) curriculum was created by workforce professionals and veterans for online delivery by career schools and colleges.  Veterans learn how to strengthen their mental fitness for success in finding jobs faster despite challenges posed by their transition, longer-term unemployment, and the invisible wounds of war.

Why V.E.T. Is Essential

  • Veterans receive the same basic employment training as civilians on the iStock_000021984720XSmallmechanics of how to look for jobs. That’s important, but has very little to do with an employer’s decision to hire them.
  • In the new economy, employers are concerned about productivity and favor hiring people with the mental skills to perform well despite challenges.
  • Pew researchers found that after their training, job hunters are not prepared for their challenges, and this is a factor to why employers have become biased against hiring them. Veterans suffer this same fate.
  • Within five months after their training, job hunters become discouraged and stop looking causing employers to suspect they are unqualified to perform well.
  • V.E.T. fills this gap in essential training making it beneficial to veterans and the employers that hire them.

Without V.E.T, veterans receive only 50 percent of the training they need for employment in the new economy. This helps us understand why veterans say they don’t feel ready and why employers agree they’re not prepared. V.E.T. assures employers that veterans are indeed qualified to fulfill their high expectations.

Give student veterans the training they need, that veterans helped to create, and employers would rather they have.

Watch this brief introduction from one of the course creators.

What’s inside the V.E.T. website:

  • An overview of the interactive features of V.E.T.
  • Insight on how the curriculum was created and evolved.
  • Training outcomes and benefits for each module.
  • Sample a portion of the actual training.
  • Contact information and services provided.

Read or download the PDF document, FAQ Re V.E.T. for Schools.