Benefits to Sponsors

One V.E.T. enrollment lasts up to four years for the veteran and spouse and costs only $127 or $100 when sponsoring over 500.

SPLASHWe create, customize, host, and maintain your virtual classroom, manage the enrollment process, provide 24/7 help desk coaching, train the trainer and train the mentor sessions, and engage college staff, Veteran Services Departments, and local Student Veterans of America chapters in promoting enrollments and helping to provide reinforcement workshops on campuses.

This PDF document provides a listing of specific benefits to our sponsors: V.E.T. Sponsorship – Benefits.

Click here to watch a video that answers the following questions:

  • Why was Veteran Empowerment Training (V.E.T.) created?
  • What do veterans learn and why this is essential?
  • How does V.E.T. differ from traditional transition assistance or job readiness training?