cropped-cropped-VET-logo-sml1.pngInteractive, Engaging, and Downright Different

The V.E.T. curriculum allows veterans the flexibility to stop and restart at any point on any topic that gives them an emotional boost. Based on feedback, we will be adding more modules in the future to address emerging issues that affect veteran well being and employment.

VETvetCustom Articles: A virtual library of original articles that elaborate on how to improve mindfulness related to mindset.

Career Coaching Exercises: Interactive questions and resources that challenge thinking, help reveal purpose, build self-awareness, optimism, resilience, and mindfulness skills.

Instructional and Self-Help Audios: Instructional audios, guided meditation audios, and expert podcasts that increase mindfulness and likeability, prevent self-sabotaging behaviors, build confidence, and reduce stress.iStock_000003626171XSmall

Slide Videos And Story Videos: Presentations on hot topics and video stories from people who have taken the course, and how their right mindset helped create ease and increase likeability to find jobs faster.

Staffing Etiquette: Instructions on what to do, how to do it, and when during each step of the staffing process to fulfill an employer’s unpublished expectations. Reduces anxiety, boosts confidence and authenticity to help veterans plan their interview strategy and make the right choices.

Practice Lab: Four types of mental fitness exercises designed to improve mindfulness skills: Self-Checking, Relaxation, Affirmations, and Visualizations. Mindfulness skills provide a prescription for creating ease and a better life when confronted with challenges and disappointments.

See this video on V.E.T. virtual classroom set-up, hosting, seat time per module, logo trivia, and coming soon…Veteran Contentment Training.