cropped-cropped-VET-logo-sml1.pngEvolution of V.E.T. Resources

Since the Great Recession, employers have not been creating jobs, but squeezing more work out of fewer employees. According to Gallup, over 75% of  U.S. workers have become fatigued and unproductive. So when a job hunter’s weariness is apparent, employers reject them for fear of adding to their already strained workforce.

2007: Unemployment conditions in Illinois prompted the formation of a team of educators, workforce professionals, and performance improvement specialists (CPLP) to create specialized Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training for job hunters.

2008 – 2010: The classroom version of this new resource was piloted successfully in One Stops, Community Colleges, and health centers.

EM-cover_pic2011: The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) commissioned the redesign of this resource for on demand delivery to Illinois residents as Jobseeker Success Mindset Training.

Later that same year, a disabled veteran and former counseling psychologist for the military learned about JSMT, and invited its creator to pilot workshops for veterans in Texas at Fort Bliss. The response was favorable.

2012: Vetpower.org, a military nonprofit in Michigan, funded the conversioniStock_000022371022XSmall of JSMT to V.E.T., and veterans participated in its customization for the military.

2013: The conversion was completed. Since then, V.E.T. has been offered in workshops to veterans in Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We are now pursuing options to have V.E.T. made available online to all veterans through career schools and colleges.

Customized by veterans for veterans.

Meet two of the veterans who helped lead the charge to create V.E.T.

FrankFrank Campanaro is a Service Disabled U.S. Army Ranger. He is currently the CEO of Trillacorpe Construction, a family of veteran owned businesses recently ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies.  In addition, Frank is the founding partner of Vetpower.org, the firm responsible for funding the conversion of JSMT to V.E.T. for veterans. 

shannon jerniganShannon Jernigan is a Service Disabled Veteran whose thirty year career in the military spanned the Marines, Army, and Navy, ultimately specializing in career and psychological counseling and training. He is also a former associate professor of psychology for the Universities of Arizona and West Florida. Shannon first discovered JSMT and initiated the previews of this training by transitioning veterans at Fort Bliss. Currently, he is the CEO and founder of Vet-power.org headquartered in El Paso, TX.