It is no secret among veterans that transition training does not adequately prepare them or their spouses for the severe challenges posed by unemployment in the new economy.

Jobless VetVeterans are taught how to look for jobs but lack training on how to maintain their attitude and performance when struggling due to the lack of jobs, longer-term unemployment, and the invisible wounds of war.

According to Pew researchers, this preparedness gap in essential training is a causal factor to why the jobless and transitioning veterans become discouraged and stop looking for jobs, and why employers become biased against hiring them. As a result, their prolonged unemployment is contributing to epidemic levels of poverty, homelessness, and suicides.

To address this gap in preparedness, and the consequences, we are directly engaging employers in sponsoring the distribution of improved training and specialized resources to colleges for delivery to student veterans and spouses. In this manner, we are providing essential training while simultaneously  connecting military families with Corporate America and jobs.

This PDF document provides additional insight into the mission and why veterans, educators, and military friendly employers are excited about V.E.T.: V.E.T. Sponsorship – Mission