Disabled American Marine Veteran Amputee in Wheel ChairBenefits of Training

Enjoy ROI for your military training.
Find meaningful jobs faster.
Create ease if starting your own business.
Maintain a healthy attitude and lifestyle.
Prevent procrastination and self-sabotage.
Increase self-motivation and engagement.
Prevent self-limiting beliefs.
Persevere despite difficult circumstances.
Enjoy higher levels of resilience.

Mindfulness based stress reduction training was introduced to medicine in the mid 1970s. Since then, Harvard researchers have been tracking its benefits. It is now provided to first responders and has proven to be a key factor to improving health, well being, and happiness.

V.E.T. was designed based on this and¬†other empirical research to improve a veteran’s attitude, perseverance, and performance. It works in tandem with their Vet Power, which makes V.E.T. beneficial to veterans, but also to employers.

Researchers and V.E.T. trainers have found that one seminar on this topic is insufficient to improve mindfulness or change bad thinking habits. Not when after leaving a seminar jobless and transitioning veterans are faced daily with continuing rejections, doubts, delays, Vet Educationand discourteous treatment that whittle away their mental fitness.

For veterans to realize lasting benefits from V.E.T., they are encouraged to continue practicing to strengthen mental fitness, which takes about eight weeks. This is the principle reason V.E.T. is offered on demand when veterans need it, not just one time or when trainers are available to provide it.