Is V.E.T. beneficial to student veterans facing challenges due to transition, schooling, and the search for jobs?

The answer is YES! Medical researchers have devoted more than forty years repeatedly confirming the benefits of intentional thinking to reduce stress and anxiety. It works.

Mature students learning computer skillsV.E.T., is a form of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It is well known, even by VA researchers, how this resource improves mindfulness related to thinking and enables veterans to self-empower favorable emotions to help them maintain a healthy attitude and favorable performance despite any challenges or hardships they may be enduring.

Research on MBSR classroom training is extensive since the 1970s and confirms its effectiveness as an intervention to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. More recently, researchers in the UK found the online delivery of MBSR training is equally effective.  In both cases, benefits are contingent on seven to eight weeks of practice.

V.E.T. online exceeds the eight week suggested duration for training.

V.E.T. is presented in the context of military transition and job readiness and shows veterans how to apply mindfulness principles throughout their daily lives. In addition, V.E.T. exercises facilitate peer mentoring, an essential factor to the success of student veterans.