We are on standby to deliver:

soldier on computerOnline Training

For career schools and colleges, we customize and brand the V.E.T. and/or JSMT players with your logo. We host the players for you, make it possible for learners to access the content through your site, track enrollments,  and report completion rates.

workshop_session_1280556162Live Training

A trainer certified in JSMT or V.E.T. will facilitate rousing seminars, short workshops, half day workshops, with or without a mindfulness practice lab to meet your needs for any size audience.


We supplement online training with live webinars covering the fundamentals of right mindset and mindfulness to improving attitude, perseverance, and performance for job search.  Click to preview webinar series.

TrainingRoomGeorgeTrain the Trainer

For licensed Career Services staff and state Veteran Representatives, we provide half day sessions for V.E.T. and JSMT, and we provide workshop materials for your use.

cc-product_grp-web_picCoaching Guidebooks and Instructional Audios

Guidebooks were created by CPLP / ASTD designers, and audio packages include instructional and guided relaxation audios. Both can be purchased separately in volume for students.