VetEquityWhy Veterans Are Hired

Traditional job readiness training suggests to  veterans they need to fix themselves so they are more transferable to civilian jobs. This innocently creates a deficiency mindset than can weaken a veteran’s self-esteem and likeability.

To help veterans self-empower their success mindset for improved likeability, V.E.T. highlights a phenomenon they realize gives them an advantage. Unless veterans prove otherwise, employers endow them with favorable qualities, based on what they presume to be true about the mental discipline military training provides. V.E.T. refers to this as presumed Vet Power.

cropped older vetA concern to veterans is how their vet power may diminish over time and weaken their appeal. To prevent this mindset, V.E.T. introduced the idea of Vet Equity to help all veterans create and maintain their success mindset for high octane performance in a tight job market. That’s what employers expect to see when interviewing veterans.

V.E.T. shows veterans how their vet equity  continues to grow when they learn to leverage what employers believe is right about them, and doesn’t need fixing.

According to research published in 2012 by the Center for a new American Security, what’s right about veterans and makes them likeable is not their employment tools, credentials, or even their job skills, but their employable military qualities – their vet power and equity.

LikeUnlike Not all veterans have learned how to demonstrate their vet power. When employers don’t see what they’re expecting, they look for reasons to reject. Their decision to dislike is based on assumptions and the over-used excuse of lacking transferable skills.

When employers do see what they’re expecting, they’ll find a reason to hire and provide training if any skills are missing. Their decision to like is based on seeing the employable military qualities they were expecting. That’s why veterans are hired.

Employers don’t hire people they dislike, and they can’t provide training to develop vet power and equity. That’s why V.E.T. is essential.

Do you know which areas you can work on to increase your Vet Equity?

Use this handy self-assessment to find out. Complete this form online and you can either print the results or save them to your memory device.  Students use this information to help establish their V.E.T. learning goals.