Vets Talking About V.E.T.

Webinar Photo2On this page is a three part webinar series about V.E.T. hosted by the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. The webinars were presented by Frank Campanaro, a service disabled U.S. Army Ranger and CEO of Trillacorpe Construction, Dick White, a service disabled veteran and a Board member to Vetpower.org, and Dr. Diane Corcoran, President of IANDS.com and Retired US Army Colonel. They were joined by Jeff Garton, an ASTD career author and a member of the original team that created V.E.T.


Webinar 1, Vet Power & Vet Equity: Why Employers Hire Veterans.


Webinar 2, The Science of Reinvigorating Your Vet Power.


Webinar 3, Power of Mind: How to Leverage and Maintain Vet Power